Review: Quest Bars

Granted, this is not technology related, but it is fitness, hence why I thought it would be of benefit to my readers, you guys. Right, here goes my review of Quest Nutrition’s Quest Bar. I was recently contacted by the chaps over at Supplements2u who asked me if I wanted some Quest bars to test and review – of course I said YES…yes please! Swiftly after replying at the weekend, I received my free goodies on the Tuesday, inside were 12 bars, all different flavours to let me sample 🙂 (Now, a disclaimer here, all the opinions and reviews contained here are my own and not influenced by the company that sent me them. They agreed, good or bad or whatever I thought to post it no matter what. Although I got sent 12 different flavours I am not going to put them all on here as that will just get boring to read.

One thing I would note straight off is the fibre content, so for those that have iffy bowels then you either may want to avoid entirely or try them when you will have quick access to a loo! The fibre content sits at 15g per bar, so quite high in my opinion. My typical diet per day will be lucky to reach 15-20g, but if I were to add in a Quest Nutrition protein bar it would certainly put me over that!

Protein next, although probably the most important one. At a mighty 20g per 60g bar, the ratio is good.

Get your Quest Protein Bars UK from Supplements2u. They did give me them to review, but their prices and deals are actually some of the best I’ve seen! Have a look and compare for yourself.

Oh, and another thing I really like with these bars is that they are gluten free too, so anyone with coeliac disease is A-Okay to consume.


Fitbit: Things That Happen When You Wear One

Wearing a Fitbit is an addiction. You’ve caved and gone and bought yourself a Fitbit. Wearing it initially, it seems clunky and an unusual watch like accessory. It then became an obsession of yours, like many others. Constantly checking how many steps you’ve taken.

Those lazy days spent chilling on the couch make your feel even guiltier after checking your Fitbit! It a low point when you realise that you haven’t even hit the four-digits for steps. On the contrary, combine a Fitbit whilst on a pre-workout supplement like iForce nutrition Conquer or Cobra Labs Shadow X and notice how many more steps you now take!