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Review: PhD Pharma Whey HT

Why Pharma Whey HT?

It is a triple whey protein blend that is super high quality and designed to help aid muscle repair and muscle growth. The product has added amino acids which provides that add extra to give it better characteristics of being an overall recovery product. This is one of the many additions PhD Nutrition have made to make their protein supplement a cut above the rest and justify its price.

When to Use Pharma Whey HT

They recommend two to four servings of Pharma Whey HT daily. One serving typically taken first thing in the morning and then another serving an hour or so prior to exercise and then another one to two servings post exercise.

Who is PhD Pharma Whey HT for?

Any adult looking to improve their recovery after training, therefore a broad spectrum audience.

My thoughts on PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT+

It is PhD Nutrition’s premium whey protein blend supplement that combines whey concentrate with the fast digesting isolate and hydrolysate versions. Due to containing a three blend ingredient mix, the supplement is ideal for those looking for a high level of quality protein straight after their workout. Pharma Whey is a popular product, and rightly so due to its high protein content, moderate sugar levels, although still great tasting and also being low in fat.

Fitbit: Things That Happen When You Wear One

Wearing a Fitbit is an addiction. You’ve caved and gone and bought yourself a Fitbit. Wearing it initially, it seems clunky and an unusual watch like accessory. It then became an obsession of yours, like many others. Constantly checking how many steps you’ve taken.

Those lazy days spent chilling on the couch make your feel even guiltier after checking your Fitbit! It a low point when you realise that you haven’t even hit the four-digits for steps. On the contrary, combine a Fitbit whilst on a pre-workout supplement like biotech usa energy gel 60g or Cobra Labs Shadow X and notice how many more steps you now take!